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Monday, 26 September 2011

Travel by Pigeon

Latest designs and drawings from my next animation currently titled "Crush Hour". Probably will change that though. Anyway I've got a lot of art for this coming through so I'll keep posting.

Not sure about the pigeon guy. He's asking for a redesign.

During my lazy summer I forgot to post updates about the Penguin Design Award ceremony. Well I went along, didn't win, mingled, enjoyed the beautiful Thames view, watched my girlfriend give all my teachers hugs, found that salad now comes free at Pizza Hut and went crazy on it. The competition was fierce, it was good to be stood amongst talent like that. Here's my shortlisted design anyway.

Here's the explaination I wrote, as shown on the Penguin Design Award website:
I depicted the town of Macondo as it is described at both the beginning and end of the novel; at its birth and death. The town is small, isolated and insignificant at both these times. This is the largest of many cycles within the narrative, communicating an inability to escape the future. At the end, Macondo's lost history mirrors the early Macondo with no history. The gypsies routinely visit Macondo from its beginning to its end, and serve as a constant to contrast with the ever-changing arc of the town.

Bonus: the text boxes are family trees!