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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A Reely Bad Pun

I recently completed a one month mid-term internship at the wonderful moving image studio Art & Graft. The guys there are really great at what they do, I found the whole experience very inspiring and motivating. The magic of working in London didn't wear off one bit, either.

I worked on a few projects at different stages of completion. I started out helping on a rotosoped animation about the dangers of poo. The lengthy explaination is that it was an awareness commercial on behalf of wateraid to promote washing hands with soap after handling unhygenic substances in rural India. It can be seen here on their website.

I also got involved in the planning/aesthetic building stages of a big new project, which I think is top secret at this moment in time.

And finally, in reference to the post title, here is a ten second introduction I made for their showreel before leaving.