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Thursday, 9 December 2010

D&AD progress

It's taken a while but I've nailed a short story for the Disney D&AD brief. The story writing process has been like shoving forks into my knees. But much, much more painful.

Here are some of the mountain of sketches I have and some super quick renders of character designs. I'm really stuck on which to choose. The furry head guy is proably the most 'out there' but the flat head guy is probably better for the story. Toughie.

Lighting and light play is integral to my story, so when I've hit on the right character to move forward with, I will experiment with media/lighting on the character and environments until I achieve something worthwhile. One thing I really want to push more forward with is energy in the line and textures. I want to be fairy sparing with the character movements in places as room for refelection, and I think this keep the visuals dynamic and interesting.