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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Competition Season!

Here's the first half of my latest project, which I have named 'Grocery Day'. I won't get a chance to get back and finish it for another month or so, so I'm uploading the progress now. This project was '5 Things I Like and 5 Things I Don't Like' set by the Mike Moloney from the wonderful 'Art & Graft'.

The animation is set to descend into some pretty strange stuff. As you can imagine I'm enjoying it a lot.

The reason I won't be working on it is becasue it's COMPETITION SEASON. That's right, folks, D&AD, YCN, Penguin Design Awards, it's all happening now. This year we're being made to enter two briefs instead of one, which means doubling our chances. Of course, I don't entirely expect to get as far as I did last year with the D&AD, but I'd be a little wuss not to try. Check out this juicy list of D&AD sponsors.

I'm probably going Disney/Diesel, but the Aviva one looks pretty sweet too. And the Penguin Design Award could definitely be a cool bet. I need someone to make this decision for me.