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Friday, 8 October 2010

Creative Spark

I recently finished a 9 week work placement at Manchester-based branding agency Creative Spark. Everyone was really cool to me and I got through a fair amount of work for them. None of it was conceptually challenging but it was nice to not have to think for a few weeks and just create some visuals. The work I did was all a little safe but still a lot of fun. I learned a lot in terms of the workings of business and have even been given an invitation back on a more professional basis which I'm super excited about.

(The above animation was a 3 week project I worked on to inform clients of the slight office relocation. Thanks to my lovely girlfriend Vikki for the narration).

Now I'm back for the new academic year it's time to start pushing my work forward again. It's been a summer of intense technical development and now I need to go back to basics and refine my artistic approach.